Thursday, April 03, 2008

My New Glasses: an Epic Saga in Ten Parts

I scored some sick (other acceptable adjectives: ill, fresh, fly) new glasses today. I also got sent home early from work for drinking beer on my lunch break, but that's another story.

Here's my beautiful and spiritual journey of discovery re: the glasses, in ten parts.

I: Here They Are.

Look at them.

II: What Do I Think of These New Glasses?

Let me inspect them closely.

III: I Am Thinking Very Hard About My Feelings For These Glasses.

It is serious business.

IV: I Will Pose Awkwardly, Like a Model.

That will display them in the most accurate light possible.

V: What Do They Remind Me Of?

VI: I Know!

They remind me of some other glasses. Maybe they're a little bit Elvis Costello, and a little bit Hisashi Yoshino.

VII: They're Kind of Odd, That Much Is True.

Or unusual, anyway. My face looks different in them. Maybe they'll help me make funnier faces (a skill I've been trying to build).

VIII: I Think I Have Come to a Decision.

This is how I look when I decide something.

IX: The Decision Is: These Glasses Rule.

I can totally wail and rock out in them while listening to The Stone Roses and other music.

X: Look, They Even Facilitate Extended and Harder Rocking.

I am pleased. These glasses will go down in history.

(Note: I was listening to The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses whilst taking these pictures. I think that's important background information, mostly because that might be the greatest Britpop album ever recorded and what else would I listen to during such an important time in my life? Nothing, that's what. Fun trivia: in photo #6, I was actually just listening to "This Is The One" and singing along and putting one finger up to indicate that this is, indeed, the one. This pair. Of glasses. It is the one.)